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Membership | The Forum

As a member you will gain access to the TFF Viva Engage chat forum, which is where the 'forum' part of the group takes place.  On here you will find over 800 members willing to share their experience and best practice as well as helping you to crack your fraud cases.


What is Viva Engage?


Viva Engage is a free of charge enterprise social networking service, used for private communication within organisations.

How can I get access to the TFF Viva Engage?


New members need to send a request to join Yammer by sending an email to That request will be considered and approved.  Access will only be given to those who work directly for social landlords including external legal advisors.


What does Yammer provide once I am a member?


After you have joined and when you log on, you will see that there are various groups to join and a number of people to follow.  You will see questions posted by members who seek advice or guidance on various topics related to tenancy fraud.


You can also post questions, create new groups & send private messages.  You can access uploaded files which include documents, images, videos and notes as well as uploading your own for others to share or read.

When you are logged on, just above the most recent post you will see "Top", "All" and "Following".  If you click "All", then you'll see all the messages posted which is a good idea.

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