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Calculating the losses of Housing Tenancy Fraud

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Over the last few months, we have been undertaking some important research around the value of tenancy fraud. Working in conjunction with the London Borough's Fraud Investigator's Group (LBFIG) and supported by a number of key stakeholders, a new formula has been created which will enable all providers to apply a consistent approach to determining how much an instance of tenancy fraud costs their organisation, and use that calculation to assist them in recovering funds during legal proceedings.

With the support of the Fraud Advisory Panel, the formula has now been published in a help sheet which is freely available to all, and can be downloaded here or through the Prevent Charity Fraud website.

To find out more about the how the formula was created and how it can assist your organisation, please do view the free webinar (which took place during Charity Fraud Awareness Week) and read our published methodology.

Calculating Losses from Housing Tenancy Fraud 2021
Download PDF • 224KB

Value of Tenancy Fraud Methodology
Download PDF • 485KB

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